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7 Secrets to be a billionaire in less than 1 year

1. decidete be billionaire
The first thing to do is decide that you want to be a billionaire done yourself.

Many billionaires started with nothing - no money, only with a few ideas and a lot of hard work - and created businesses and companies that could not be destroyed or in an entire lifetime.

They all have something in common: their first step was to make a decision and marked a goal.
Do the same, decide what you want to be (want to stay poor all your life or have a great wealth?) Yescribe every day this statement: "I am worth more than $ 100,000,000!".

2. Get rid of your poor mentality
There is no shortage of money on planet Earth, only a shortage of people who think properly about it. To become a millionaire from zero (and then be billionaire), you must kill your poor mentality.

Many parents do everything possible to get two, three, or four children on with the low wages they earn, give them the best education and have better luck in life than them.

These are typical parents who inculcate (with the best of intentions) a sense of fear and scarcity in their children.

"Eat all the food; There are other people who are starving, "they say. "Do not waste anything." "Money does not grow on trees".
But the real abundance and richness are not created with such thoughts.

3. Treat it as a duty
The self-made billionaires are motivated not only by money, but by a need for the market in which they move validate their contributions.

Although they have always wanted to accumulate wealth, it drives them much more their need to constantly contribute their potential.

Billionaires do not lower their expectations when it gets ugly.

Instead, with each obstacle encountered, they increase their hope because they see the difference they can do with their families, their companies, their community and charitable organizations in which they participate.

Being billionaire take it as a duty, not as a pure pleasure.

4. You surround yourself with other billionaires same

I do not know if you've ever studied what the habits of people with lots of money are. Have you read the stories of men and women richest in the world and have seen what they've been through?

If you have not, I encourage you to start doing so because those people can serve as mentors and teachers who inspire you.

One thing is clear: You can not learn how to make money from someone who does not have much.

Who says "the money will not make you happy"? People without money.

Who says "all rich people are greedy"? People who are not rich.

People with wealth does not speak well. You need to know what people are doing to generate profit and follow their examples.

What read millionaires? How to invest? What drives them? How do you keep motivated and excited?

5. It works like a billionaire

Rich people treated differently while. They buy, while poor people sell it.

The rich know that time is more valuable than money itself. So they hire people to do things they are not good or that are not productive for its time, as a cleaning service for their homes.

But do not fool yourself thinking that those who achieve great wealth do not work hard.

The economically successful people are consumed by their pursuit of success and work to the point where they feel they are gaining something and are not just working.

6. Change your investment expenses

The rich do not spend their money: they invest.

They know that the tax laws of governments favor investments rather than expenses. You buy a house, and you can not deduct your expenses.

The billionaire, however, buy an apartment building that produces a flow of money, securities and offering tax breaks every year.

You buy cars for comfort and style. The rich buy cars for their companies that are deductible because they are used to produce benefits automobiles.

7. Create multiple sources of income

Those who really are millionaires never rely on a single source of income, but create a number of different revenue streams.

If you want to be a billionaire, start your own business until you generate revenues of 7 digits each year, and then invests that money earned in other business in which you trust.

Once you have these two flows of money, invest in a third business and even in a room.

Thus, if one of these economic sources of income fails you, you still have others that maintain your lifestyle.

Finally, I'll tell you an extra secret that may surprise you: rich people want you too have wealth.

For them it is a mystery that others do not get rich. They know they are special and that wealth is available to anyone who wants to focus and persist in getting it.

The rich want others are high for two reasons:
  1. So that you can also buy your products and services (which now may have a somewhat high price for you if you do not have much money).
  2. Because they want to get out and interact with other people with money like them.
Perhaps you did not know before how to be a billionaire, but after reading these 7 secrets of the richest people on the planet, you have no excuse.
So what are you going to do now: you'll still be poor sitting there day after day, or you will put into practice everything you learned today?

Answer me to that simple question
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